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“Love and obsession are two very different states of mind. A very thin line separates the two. Obsession, I believe, is an obscure, and more importantly, a temporary state of mind which perishes in due course of time. A few weeks at the most! Obsession is more of a symptom than a feeling.”

“Obsession generally stems from inconsequential mental states like - tension, anxiety, uneasiness, disquiet and infatuation. All these feelings are provisional and terribly short-lived. As for love, it never diminishes.”   

“If it truly is love, your obsession, would evolve into much more pronounced and beautiful feelings…feelings such as care, concern, affection, respect…feelings that endure…feelings that grow with time…feelings that last! But obsession definitely is the first stage. Love will follow if it has to.” 

Edge of Link - Back In Time (Book One)
by Author Brendon

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